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Why use visiteoo?

Once upon a time either home with a tablet on your knees, at the office hidden behind a screen, or on a walk with your friends with your cellphone in your hands, you hear that small voice saying «and what do we do now?» Rather than searching for hours, how can you easily find something interesting to do, made for you, where you are, when you want to (do it), and as you are?

That’s why we wished to create visiteoo to connect the curious with the many visits and activities that thrive on the historical, natural and human heritage of France.
Here you can share your memories, recommend your favorite places, and benefit from the experience of others.
And for the ones that aren’t fond of mingling with the crowd… because you’re not the Queen of England… a site that would offer «great deals » could incite them to come?!

With Visiteoo, there’s no way for you to be bored. The site and the app are offering in a blink of an eye a selection of great experiences to live and share in amazing places around you: a treasure hunt in a medieval castle, playing the gourmet in a chocolate factory, visit the workshop of a craftsman or take a walk in a beautiful garden…

So, can we bet you’ll love to visit visiteoo?!

Do you live and relive a place of heritage? You are a passionate craftsman? You open your doors to the public? Visit visiteoo for you!

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